Led by Diana Gilon at Northeastern University, Sharpie Marker on Canvas 48" x 96"

This drawing on canvas was commissioned by the Huskies for Israel student group at Northeastern.  The initial inspiration for the artwork came from online discussions between Diana and Northeastern students.  Students uploaded quotes in support of a peaceful Middle East.  The quotes were so moving that the artwork transpired from them.  The artwork is made completely out of the students' words; there are no lines or shading on the canvas.  

Students were asked to think of quotes relating to Peace, Growth, Brotherhood and Home.  The image used is one of a Muslim man and a Jewish man planting a tree.  The participants chose a photograph online to use as the image for the artwork, which they then manipulated using Photoshop to add the themes and details they felt best portrayed their vision of Peace.  As the artwork was being created, some students wrote just one quote, while others stayed for hours at a time debating with the other participants and writing on the canvas.   The final result is an amazing culmination of art, ideas, emotions, suggestions and wishes for a positive and fruitful future.