Seasons, 2014

Led by Diana Gilon at Wellesley College, spray paint on wall 10ft  x 9ft

Wellesley College students, faculty and Diana Gilon met to brainstorm ideas for a mural that celebrated the energy and purpose of their community.  The artwork was hosted by Wellesley College Hillel and painted inside the Hillel’s main recreational space.  Participants uploaded images and ideas to a shared photo album and virtually designed the piece with Diana for two months. 

Wellesley’s campus is set amongst magnificent natural surroundings and it was important for the participants to reference the local wildlife and flora of the location within the artwork.  Students chose a circular motif to represent the cycle of seasons throughout not only the school year, but also within the Jewish calendar.  Fall, winter, spring and summer are represented in the artwork and winter was chosen to be the most dominant season as that is a very significant time for students. 

The mural was commissioned because of requests from community members to upgrade and beautify their common space.  Eager participants described the space as comfortable, safe, and familiar and a sacred place to connect with others.  Ironically the upgrade of this special room occurred as the Hillel faculty was beginning an epic transition and announced they were hiring a new director and rabbi.  Throughout the creation process the making of the mural became not only an artistic activity, but also a stopping point to reflect and discuss the issues and changes the Jewish community at Wellesley was experiencing.